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Reputation management system

The apartment mirror is a reflection platform for users of the real estate industry but are bringing to life a bigger potential in the market of opinions. Your investment will be the key ingredient in our recipe to satisfy the needs of a diverse market ­ consumer durable, administration services, financial services, healthcare, you name it! With the growing awareness of today's consumer, the thirst for knowledge and expert opinions is yet to be quenched.

The reflection platform we have on offer is a plug and play model that can be utilized across industries where genuine, unbiased, experience ­based views can be aired for the greater benefit of consumers and producers alike. Unlike other platforms this is more about the reputation handled with a proper process in action.



An online course management system which can be utilised for managing trainings for internal staff in as organization or can be hosted as a solution for course sold online. The course can be configured for any kind of trainings from kitchen to Latest technology from any field.

The solution provides configurable approch of loading courses, allocating trainers, attandance management and course enrollment.


Managing of visitor movement in office is a mandate to ensure safety,security of the office. Vi-MAN(Visitor Management) is a web product that solves the visitor management problem by capturing and tracking their IN time and OUT time along with their Govt. identification proof, business need and the person they would like to meet.

Vi-Man captures all these information and provides a report with dashboards that gives an complete details in various perpectives to understand the pattern/count of vistors and the type of people who meet the office staff for various buisenessreasons. It also has options to dynamically provide a visitor pass for walkins and also handles scheduled meeting, which can reduce the waiting time of the visitor and the office staff. Overall it is a one stop product for your visitor management needs.



Daily operational activites in making brick involves a lot of tasks right from mixing sand till the fired bricks are cool down and sent to delivery.It was nevery easy for brick/block makers to captures these information close to precise, but not any more. Brick-Man(Brick Management System) comes with an easy and comprehensive way to capture the daily tasks in all flexible ways. This is the key fetures required for brick owners who can manage, control and drive their business with a click of a button.

Brick-Man provides the owners to manage their daily operational task to maximum clarity and detailing to ensures there is transparency in business to the owners. Detailed reports and balance reports helps them to monitor, control the business in a more efficient way. This is a not a financial auditing solution, but yes it provides the details what a brick owners needs.